ATB Financial in Black Diamond Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Reprinted with permission from Gateway Gazette – September 29, 2013

The ATB Financial in Black Diamond celebrated its 75th Anniversary in style!  Marlene Rycks, the Black Diamond Branch manager for the last six years welcomed everyone and made the announcement at 12:30 sharp – in sync with all the other branches.

All branches donated $1,000 to a local charity of their choice. Marlene said as she was browsing the Gateway Gazette she came across an ad that said the Foothills Lions Club had help for flood victims. This ad brought to the forefront of Marlene and her staff’s minds just how much the Foothills Lions Club do for this community and they decided to donate their $1,000 to the Foothills Lions Club for their Family Spray Park Initiative and presented the $1,000 cheque to Tyler Bray, President. Other Lions members on hand for the presentation included Don Ward, Caryl Ricks, Carol Gibson and James Lee.

The next presentation was to the Town of Black Diamond and was received by Mayor Sharlene Brown. It was a perfectly formed 7’ Blue Spruce that is to be planted in front of the Town Office next Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 pm.  The branches of the tree were decorated with Blue Spruce seedlings and all guests present were asked to take one home and plant it. The tree symbolizes ATB Financial’s strong roots in our community. The seedlings remind us all that as big and great as the boughs of a blue spruce are, they start out small and tender.

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