Spray Park Update

This past year has been a bad year for the Foothills Lions Club coffers as they have lost the revenue from the Black Diamond Campground because of the flood last year and because of the reconstruction and restoration this year. Despite this and because of the willingness to work with them of the Construction Company hired to build this project they are going ahead and anticipate the park will open in September of this year.

The possible shortfall is currently sitting at $60,000 and the Lions Club have four months to raise the remaining dollars. Tyler Bray, Chair of the Foothills Lions Club said, “We believe that this is a very much needed project for the Diamond Valley area and we are seeking support of businesses and individuals to help complete this project”. Anyone able to assist the Lions in their efforts to raise the extra money is asked to call Tyler at 403-933-7746 or Barry Crane at 403-933-5385.

Two local, recent events that were held gave their proceeds to the Spray Park. One of them was a wine and cheese evening held at Valley Liquor in Turner Valley and Sarah Harrold, the owner, handed $796 to the Lions. The other event was the Spring Market held at the Griffiths Centre in Black Diamond and Mel Ryder, Mary Clarke, Michelle Lee, Mandy Janicki and Sarah Witteman presented $1,502 to the Spray Park Committee.

Part of the shortfall is due to the recent recommendation by Alberta Health and Safety that a $30,000 HEPA filter be installed to meet with their standards. This filter was not part of the original construction plans.

It is commendable to note that in the last three years the Foothills Lions Club has put over $200,000 into local community projects and that it has also fund-raised an additional $270,000 to date for the Spray Park.

Again if you are able to make a donation towards this project, please call Tyler at 403-933-7746 or Barry at 403-933-5385.

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