Bob Lochhead Memorial Park Dedication

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President Diane Bray Addressed the Community

On behalf of the Foothills Lions Club I welcome you all here today. This is a day to celebrate an outstanding person Bob Lochhead. I welcome Maureen and Dave and family members, Mayor Sharlene Brown of the Town of Black Diamond, Town Councillors, Foothills Lions members, the media and our community to this glorious occasion.

Bob was an awesome amazing man with a heart of gold, and a great sense of humor. He gave to this community an abundance of help to his fellow mankind. He loved to volunteer wherever he was needed. Bob was born and raised in the Foothills. He spent most of the last thirty years volunteering in our area with the Griffiths Center, Valley Neighbours, the Foothills Lions Club and the Legion. He was always there raising his hand to volunteer wherever there was a need.

He delivered food hampers for the food bank, visited the sick, drove people to and from doctor’s appointments and grocery shopping, volunteered shoveling snow for his neighbours. He loved this campground. He barbequed for numerous campground functions, planted trees here, Spring and Fall cleanup, woodcutting and much more, too numerous to mention.

Bob was the President of the Griffiths Center and was instrumental in getting the new kitchen built. He volunteered at the Valley Neighbours and loved to work at the Bingo year after year. He also helped out at the Legion for many years. Bob won a Citizenship Award by the Town of Black Diamond. He also won the Seniors Service Award by the Province of Alberta in 2011.

He was a fellow member of the Foothills Lions for years and was a life time member of the Foothills Lions Club. He gave from the heart and accepted no reward. Bob was a good, kind and loving man whom this community is very proud of. Bob was a man of integrity with a kind and gentle way; that was his disposition.

Bob was a friend to all that knew him in this community.

This is how much Bob was loved and deserving: the Griffiths Center started a petition and the Black Diamond Council met and voted in favour of changing the name of Centennial Park to the Bob Lochhead Memorial Park.

We are honored today, to dedicate this campground in recognition of Bob’s accomplishments. The Bob Lochhead Memorial Park. We salute you Bob.


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