Black Diamond Town Receives $7,000 from the Foothills Lions Club

(L to R) Quinn Page, EDO Black Diamond; Glen Fagan, Mayor Black Diamond; Barry Crane, President Foothills Lions Club.

The Foothills Lions Club has been helping this community for over 50 years with many donations to local organizations to help with events and programs that benefit the entire area.

This week was no exception when a donation of $7,000 was made to the Town of Black Diamond.

Quinn Page, the Economic Development Officer for the town, approached the Lions Club for help with this year’s major events. She asked for $3,500 towards the cost of bringing in marching bands for the annual Diamond Valley Parade on June 3rd and $3,500 to go towards the cost of the Diamond Music Fest on July 1st, which of course includes the spectacular fireworks display. The Foothills Lions Club agreed to the amounts because these events are of enormous value to the area. They support all of the local businesses, youth and artistic talent that is found everywhere in the Diamond Valley region.

The Diamond Valley Parade draws a crowd in the thousands every year and has been called the largest, small town parade in Alberta. As well as the Parade itself the day also includes pancake breakfasts, barbeques, merchant sales and of course the Lions Club’s Annual Duck Derby.

The Diamond Music Fest is going to be huge this year with hundreds of local talent auditioning over three separate days. This year the event is celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary and as Quinn said, “[it] is highlighting and harnessing the immense musical and artistic talents that we boast in our region”.

After the presentation of the cheque, Black Diamond Mayor, Glen Fagan, thanked the Foothills Lions Club President, Barry Crane, saying, “It’s tough to get support for the Arts in the current economy and this donation is huge. We have so many art related people in our communities, it’s unbelievable.”

You can get more information on the two events at their website:


The Foothills Lions Club meets twice a month and spends thousands of hours volunteering at the many events throughout the region. Running the campground in Black Diamond and other fundraising events makes donations like this one possible. They thank the community for their support and invite anyone who has a few hours to spare to join them in becoming a member. You can call Barry Crane at 403-933-5385 for more information or visit their website at

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