Lion Diane Bray Accepts Position on Global Service Team

At our last meeting, Lion Tyler announced that Lion Diane had been appointed to the Global Action Team for Multiple District C as the Global Service Team member.

Congratulations, Lion Diane!

Lion Diane has written a comprehensive article explaining her future role, please take the time to read it through:

We Serve

Dear Fellow Lions, MDC

Hello!  Fellow Lions, my name is Lion Diane Bray.  I am part of the Global Action Team, this team brings the entire Global Leadership Team (GLT), Global Membership Team (GMT), and Global Service Team (GST) together to support your club. I am the newly appointed GST person for MDC.

The Service Team GST will champion the service framework of LCI and LCIF and empower Lions and Leos around the world to maximize impactful service, in action and growth.

LCI has five service initiatives this year:

– Diabetes



-Pediatric Cancer


November the 14th is World Diabetes Day. I am encouraging all clubs in our district to participate in a project for World Diabetes Day in the near future. I have some ideas your club may choose to do:  inviting a health care professional in your community to come to your club and talk about diabetes and prevention and management.

Maybe organize a weekly walking club with fellow Lions or neighbours in your community and take turns at their houses and share a healthy snack afterwards. What a great way to enjoy great fellowship!

Donate clothes to the Canadian Diabetes Clothes Line program in your area. A great way to get rid of those unwanted clothes you do not wear anymore. There are three locations in Alberta:  Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. All you have to do is look up their addresses and phone numbers online to see where they are located.  I have attached a list of other ideas too.

The Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes Awareness for MDC is such a worthwhile association. The Traveling Diabetes Resource Program (TDRP) have two vans used by the Canadian Diabetes Association to carry out this program. I challenge all Lions Clubs in MDC who are not currently donating to this program to help offset the cost of the vans and the TDRP program in Alberta.  For those who make regular donations to the Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes Awareness committee to support the TDRP program, we thank you for your continued support.

With your help and donations, we can make more people in our communities in Alberta aware of the dangers of diabetes and prevention and management of it.

Did you know there are 11 million people in Canada alone that have Diabetes or pre-Diabetes? Wow!!!

Please support World Diabetes Day!

By supporting MDC Lions Cavalcade in Alberta

Cheques can be made out to Lions MDC Lions Cavalcade

Please give cheques to your Club’s Secretary for forwarding.

I am looking forward to meeting as many Lions and Leos in the MDC in the near future as I can. Together we will make a difference in the fight against Diabetes, Hunger, Vision, Pediatric Cancer and our Environment and much more.

I would like to sincerely thank each and every Lion member in MDC for your outstanding contributions in service for your community and country and the world.

Together we can impact so many lives through your service and dedication to our fellow man.

Yours in Lionism,

Lion Diane Bray





Click the image below for a printable PDF version.





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