Foothills Lions Club to Start a New Leos Club

Lion Dustin Southgate, from the Nanton Lions Club, gave a presentation at our December 5th meeting explaining the formation of a Leos Club.

Lion Dustin is the MD C-1 and C-2 Leo Chairperson, as well as the District C2 2VDG Elect and District C-2 Zone 9 Chairperson.

The information he presented was very detailed and encouraging that our club could and should consider forming a Leos Club for this area.

Following the presentation, Lion Tim Beer moved, and Lion Tyler Bray seconded, the motion that we, as a club, will form a Leos Club. The motion was carried unanimously.

Lion Tim and Lion Barry will be the Leos Club advisors. Our club also voted on a motion by Lion Don Ward and seconded by Lion James Lee that we pay the initial funds to form the club.

Leos typically range from ages 11 to 18 but can be younger or older, at the discretion of the club.

Please watch for the details in the new year.


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