Remembering Don…..

Remembering Don

By Lion James Lee.

Remembering Don Thomson –

It is with respect and humility that we remember Foothills Lions Club member, Don Thomson. Foothills Lions Club Treasurer (FLC), Calgary Heritage Park Volunteer, Millarville Racing and Ag Society Volunteer, Valley Neighbours Senior Club Secretary, Millarville 1/2 Marathon liaison… begin to see a pattern.

Don believed in Volunteerism. in bettering the World that we live in. In the World of Service that Lions exhibit to their Communities and Internationally, to the World at large, Don bought in and paid it forward.

Don was welcomed wherever he went. Don always had a ready smile, a laugh, a funny quip, a hilarious email, or a warm hug to share.

It was obvious that Don cared for others and how they felt. This was continually evidenced by the Foothills Lions Community and the various organizations that Don encountered in his life as a Lion. FLC Club Treasurer is a big job. Don did it for 6 years exceptionally well, without a complaint.

Besides his regular duties, Don was the Treasurer and financial guru for the building of the Turner Valley, Lions Spray Park for 3 years as well. Ever the well organized Executive, it came as no surprise that Don Thompson was slated to be the Lions District C-2 Treasurer for the incoming Executive for the 2018-19 Lions Year. Don’s expertise as a Club Treasurer allowed our Lions Club the luxury of feeling confidence, trust and admiration that all our various accounts, were professionally organized and up to date.

Several of our current members owe their introduction into Lion’s volunteerism as a result of Don sponsoring them into our Lion’s Club.

FLC presented Don with a Melvin Jones Fellowship Award in 2014, a Presidents Appreciation Award in 2015 and a Club Officer Treasurer’s Award in 2018.

Heartfelt gratitude from a Community of friends and Associations that benefited from your largesse as a compassionate man, a great Lion and Volunteer.

Don, you will be sorely missed by your Lions Family. We are inspired by your kindness and unselfish sense of community.

Don Thomson, your spirit lives on. In the lives that you inspired as a regular person, a Volunteer and especially as a  Lion, where you stood out as a remarkable man……..Rest in Peace.

Don Thomson

Please click on the image to read Don’s public obituary.

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